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Legend Of Zelda OC 3 :iconkatakana1:Katakana1 2 0 Legend of Zelda OC 2 :iconkatakana1:Katakana1 0 4 Legend of Zelda OC :iconkatakana1:Katakana1 1 3 Warriors Human Version :iconkatakana1:Katakana1 1 2
TDW: Into the Void 2
A lot had been going through Ember’s head the last three days. Finding out about Eirik just suddenly leaving, at least according to Aaron who had taken his place, had shocked her. True, she didn’t know Eirik or Aaron, but for the old leader to leave like that, after he had helped them fight of MagnaKimeramon and gotten so close to save the digidestined. She had wanted to talk to Ken if he had truly spoken to Eirik, but she had never gotten the time, as she had spent it trying to mentally prepare herself, eat and get some rest. Then, at the dark ocean, Ember had felt nothing but fear. She had just been staring, eyes wide, out into the ocean, expecting a monster from her worst nightmare to rise up any moment, unable to gather any courage. Cadramon had had a tough time snapping her back to reality and getting her to realize that it was time to go when it was finally time to make the bridge made by the light from their digivices and cross it. He had almost found himself biting
:iconkatakana1:Katakana1 3 0
TDW: Into the Void
TDW: Into The Void
Ember’s heart was beating so hard, it almost hurt. She was breathing hard through her nose and she felt sick. We’re going to fight MagnaKimeramon. The thought, and also the reason she was feeling sick, wouldn’t leave her mind. We’re going to defeat it and we’re going to find the digidestined. That’s what she kept telling herself. She had tried to ask around about their upcoming opponent, but the information she had been given had only made her fear worse, building in her stomach and threatening to take over, make her flee, or freeze on the spot. Her mother and father had no idea what she was about to do. For all they knew, she was still in the Astra camp, enjoying the company of her partner and other kids lucky enough to get their own partners. That she was walking towards a very powerful, and even more dangerous opponent, she violently shook her head from side to side, forcing herself to abandoning the thought. I can’t affor
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He is one of me!

In 2012 the Online Privacy Act was brought fourth to congress to be passed which would have negatively affected everyone on the internet as a whole. The people fought back and it never happened. Several times now since then it was revised under a different title with changes and tweaks to the wording to again try to get it to pass without the general public knowing about it. Each time it was found out, and then repealed.

Here we are in 2013 and again dealing with a portion of SOPA, this time the streaming of copywritten works is at the forefront of this particular law to be. If a particular stream contains any copywritten material of any sort the uploader and creator of said content can be found guilty and automatically placed in prison for years on felony charges.

Let's end this for good…

The first 20 people to comment in this journal will be featured ( I will pick my favorite piece from your gallery) but then you have to do a feature as well, and feature me as first. This way we encourage exposure and share more art.

1. :iconimberantiel:…  I have a lot of favorites, but this is one of them ^^
2. :iconthegreenmoon:…  This is a really good picture that is fun to look on :D
3.:iconazaneti:… A really good picture :D

:iconimberantiel:, :iconthegreenmoon:, :iconjansonklivian-4-pres: and :icondragon-64:, drew me a picture, so I also have to do this meme.

Rule: If you want a picture you have to do this meem yourself, unless you already have. The first 10 people that ask for a picture get one :D

1.:iconimberantiel: Hinata. Done:…

2.:iconjansonklivian-4-pres: The 6th Doctor. Done:…

3.:iconthegreenmoon: The 6th Doctor with his umbrella singing in the rain. Done:…








:iconimberantiel: my twin sister :aww:



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Eyes of Sacrifices by Sakura-Araragi
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